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Weather4Cast is a Global Aviation Weather Service Provider specializing in worldwide TAFs, Live Weather Data Streams and On-Demand Forecasts
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LIVE WEATHER DATA FEEDS provides Live Aviation Weather Data Feeds formatted to work with your flight following/planning and routing software. We offer numerous live data streams which are available via several formats including WMS, HTML, REST API, Text Products, Email and FTP that can be customized to work with your system.

Following is a gallery with screenshot examples of some of the live weather data feeds available via the Qatar Airways TOPS flight watch platform which are provided and supported by Please note that many of these layers are interactive when viewed via the TOPS Flight Watch Platform and, hence, the user can zoom in and out for additional details as well as add or remove any layer. [click any image below to view additional details].

While the following example images are provided via the TOPS Flight Watch Platform from Qatar Airways, can develop and provide all layers for any flight watch platform requested with data customized per your operations. If interested in using the TOPS Flight Watch Platform to receive these weather layers, please contact Qatar Airways for additional details.