Security - Provides Secure Aviation Weather Reports
Weather4Cast is a Global Aviation Weather Service Provider specializing in worldwide TAFs, Live Weather Data Streams and On-Demand Forecasts
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DATA CENTER SECURITY & INFRASTRUCTURE (W4C) invests heavily in its data center infrastructure and dedicated servers to support the products and
services provided to it’s customers. is a secure website via HTTPS technology.


  • Data processors and webpages are located on virtual machines within a redundant cloud architecture.
  • System redundancy is spread out across multiple servers to ensure 100% up-time of all data.
  • In the case of a catastrophic system failure at one location, the back-up facility servers will instantly take it’s place.
  • Data feeds are produced in parallel and spread over our redundant system to ensure your company has up-to-date weather data 100% of the time
  • A load balancer failover system is in place so that if one of W4C’s servers goes down, webpages and datafeeds instantly get pointed to the back-up location, seamlessly and in the background, with no negative consequences to your operations.