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  • The Volcanic Ash Layer (ASHTAM) is a compilation of all advisories issued by the official VAACs across the globe with the location of the volcano, volcano name and observation listed within the layer.
  • These advisories are issued by 9 centers: VAAC Anchorage, VAAC Montreal, VAAC London, VAAC Washington, VAAC Wellington, VAAC Buenos Aires, VAAC Toulouse, VAAC Darwin and VAAC Tokyo.
  • Active volcanoes are listed with the standard symbols with a red volcano symbol delineating a volcano with cloud observation while a yellow volcano symbol will represent a volcano without a cloud observation.
  • Every active volcano will have embedded links to volcanic discussions provided by the listed volcanic agencies around the world with ash cloud observations and forecasts color coded and provided for each volcano.
  • The Volcanic Ash Overlay is updated 4 times per hour i.e. every 15 minutes of every day to provide the most up-to-date volcanic ash advisories available. The refresh time and rate for the Volcanic Ash Overlay via TOPS is updated every 15 minutes of every hour i.e. XX:00, XX:15, XX:30 and XX:45.

This is an example screenshot of the Volcanic Ash Layer via the TOPS Flight Watch platform with the first image a global perspective and second image when the user zooms into the layer for further details. In addition, this layer will include a legend as well as interactive links providing further details when viewed via the TOPS platform.